Genesis Conservation Ideas

Program Areas

Intervention Strategies

Intervention Strategies

  1. GCI Program areas

    GCI contributes to addressing the obstaclesidentified under situation analysis through: -

    -        BuildingCapacities of local community and women groups through trainings andsensitization seminars / workshops and setting up pilot schemes fordemonstration purposes.

    -        Mainstreamingissues of environment conservation, sustainable agriculture and food security,Water and sanitation and community development.

    -        Analyze theHIV/AIDS spread and impact towards environmental conservation and climatechange management, and evaluate successfulcommunity-based HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support programs.

    -        EstablishingStudents’ Environmental Conservation Clubs (Friends of Nature Clubs) in different schools to promote treenurseries among other activities, and Support Orphans and Vulnerable Children(OVC’s) through education and skills training for future development andadvocate for enrollment, retention and improve performance of the girl childand other disadvantaged children.

    -        Mobilizingwomen, men and youth to improve their access to safe water and environmentalsanitation.


    Furthermore,GCI plans to put up six new major seedbed nurseries in and around the sixdistricts of Mpigi, Mubende, Kiboga Masaka, Masindi and Palisa, where trainingprograms with expert supervision will be carried out. Carefully tendered andnurtured, these nurseries are the heart of widespread distribution networkcountryside.


    Thetrees that are cultivated and distributed are specifically chosen not only toregenerate the soil and maximize water conservation, but to provide fuel,building materials, fodder and food for livestock and humans alike, and mostspecifically to facilitate new income- generating activities.






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